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John Caudwell
Dilek Sabanci
Garreth Wood

Deepak Chopra
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The Earl of Iveagh
The Marchioness of Worcester 


Vijay Mehta
Lord Northbrook
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Jonathan Granoff
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Vice Presidents  
John Caudwell  

John Caudwell, founder of Phones4U, is one of Britain's most influential entrepreneurs and philanthropists who has pledged 70% of his wealth to charity.

John founded Caudwell Children in 2000 to help change the future of disabled and autistic children by providing diagnosis, equipment, services, and therapies to help them lead fuller lives, and to lift the burden of struggling families.

Caudwell Children is recognised as the UK's second largest voluntary provider of specialist equipment and is one of the fastest growing children's charities. To date the charity has provided over 85 million pounds worth of services to tackle more than 700 medical conditions for children in need.

John's vision for a sustainable and efficient children's charity has inspired thousands of supporters across the world.

Dilek Sabanci  

Dilek Sabanci is the Turkish chairperson and CEO of Vista Tourism and Travel, a firm that she founded in 1989. She is an heir to the family fortune, being the daughter of Ex Chairman of the Board of Sabanci Holding & Late Sakip Sabanci. Dilek established Vista Tourism and Travel with her father in 1989 and has evolved the company to one of the largest travel agencies in Turkey. She also serves as a trustee member of the family's Sabanci Foundation, a philanthropic organisation involved in education, disability, youth and issues concerning women.

Dilek devotes much of her time to helping mentally and physically impaired people and she is also active in a number of charitable organisations as the Vice President of the Turkish Spastic Children and Youth Foundation which colaberates with International Cerebral Palsy Association. She is the Honorary President of Special Olympics International Organisation. She received several different awards from International "Lions and Rotary Club's".

Supporting various social, cultural and sports activities every year, Ms. Sabanci has funded and is still funding several facilities every year, including "Dilek Sabanci Anotolian Trade School", "Besiktas Municipality Dilek Sabanci Park", "Dilek Sabanci Antalya Sports Hall", "Dilek Sabanci Gulen Yuzler Vocational Rehabilitation and Business Centre", "Konya Selcuk University Dilek Sabanci Conservatory" as well as "Dilek Sabanci Art Gallery" in Mardin.

She has received an "Honorary Doctorate" from Mardin Artuklu University for contrubiting an "Art Gallery" in the city of Mardin, at the south east of Turkey.

Garreth Wood  

Garreth Wood is a Scottish philanthropist and global health advocate. In 2018, he and his wife Nicola, founded the charity Kids Operating Room (KidsOR), with a vision of 'A world where every child has equal access to safe surgery.'

Garreth firmly believes that access to surgery is a basic human right. With 5 times more children dying every year from surgically treatable conditions, than from malaria, HIV and TB combined, KidsOR has created an innovative and sustainable solution, removing the barriers to surgery for the world's poorest children.

KidsOR has now installed more than 90 state-of-the-art paediatric operating rooms across 38 countries while at the same time, heavily investing in the training of local surgical teams. Every year, more than 60,000 children access an operation in a KidsOR operating room, and to date, KidsOR has prevented more than 2 million years of disability from ever happening.

Policy Advisor  
Sir James Mirrlees In loving memory  

5th July 1936 - 29th August 2018
Appointed Assistant Lecturer in Economics in Cambridge (1963), Mirrlees was given a Chair in Economics at Oxford (1968-95) and then returned to Cambridge as Professor of Political Economy (1995). He has held visiting Professorships at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Berkeley and Yale.

Mirrlees has published widely on the optimal taxation of income and welfare economics. He was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1996 for his work which has become a principal constituent of the modern analysis of complex information and incentive problems in economics. Widely honoured, Mirrlees was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Edinburgh (1997), knighted in the same year, and elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1998.



The Rt. Hon. The Lord (Peter) Archer of Sandwell, Q.C. In loving memory


20th November 1926 to 14th June 2012
As a former member of the House of Commons (1966-1992) and government minister (Solicitor General, 1974-1979), Lord Archer has made a mark in the field of international law and human rights. He is one of the founders of Amnesty International and as a Member of Parliament, was instrumental in the abolition of the death sentence. In addition to having practised as Queen's Counsel, Lord Archer was formerly a delegate to the United Nations (1969), a Recorder of the Crown Court and the Chairman of the Council on Tribunals from 1992-1999. He became Chairman of the Enemy Property Claims Assessment Panel in 1999.

President of One World Trust, the Fabian Society and the World Disarmament Campaign UK, Lord Archer is a prominent contributor to the debates on International conflict prevention and resolution. His books include the Queen's Courts, and the Law and Freedom at State.



Vijay Mehta MA

Vijay Mehta is a peace activist, poverty reduction campaigner, and writer. He is Secretary: London CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament); Co-Chairman: World Disarmament Campaign; Chairman: Arms Reduction Coalition; Vice-Chairman: Action for United Nations Renewal; Editor: INLAP TIMES (Institute for Law & Peace). He has served on various advisory bodies on peace and disarmament and was a member of the team of International Experts who met in Greece for the creation of the School of Athens. He travels widely to give talks on international relations, peace, disarmament, poverty reduction, UN reforms and the global arms trade.

Vijay Mehta is currently writing a book on poverty reduction & sustainable development. He is author of “The United Nations and Its Future in the 21st Century” and “Arms No More”. He regularly writes for many journals and newsletters.


Lord Northbrook BA FRGS

In 1999 Lord Northbrook was elected as one of only 92 Hereditary Peers and was made a Conservative opposition whip in the House of Lords, speaking on Trade and Industry matters. With his financial and investment background, he co-founded the award-winning Mars Asset Management Ltd. He now speaks on trade and industry, and treasury issues from the back-benches.

Lord Northbrook is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


Renu Mehta

Renu Mehta is the Founder and driving force behind Fortune Forum. Fortune Forum convenes global leaders, celebrity activists, philanthropists, influential entrepreneurs and media moguls to collectively make a difference. She endeavours to create an enduring legacy by establishing The Fortune Forum as a platform for promoting real change.

To extend her campaigning work, Renu makes overseas visits to some of the world's hardest hit countries such as Ethiopia and India to bring more attention to these development issues. Her work is regularly published in the respected international press.

Mehta is widely recognised for her joint policy recommendation; The MM (Mehta/Mirrlees) Aid Model, an aid rescue plan co-authored alongside Nobel Prize winning Economist Sir James Mirrlees, which sets out to raise $100b per year towards increasing and improving the delivery of global development aid. The MM Model went on to inspire Renu to found the 'Real Aid' campaign, a global citizen's movement to advance international adoption of the MM Model.

Renu Mehta's full biography and speaking profile and can be seen here. https://www.real-aid.org/book-an-expert/



Renu Mehta with Eric Clapton & Jools Holland
8 March 2005 at 2

Renu Mehta and Robin Birley hosted a boutique fundraiser at 1, London. The event featured a special 30-minute performance by Eric Clapton and Jools Holland, accompanied by full band. It was a splendid evening, with many of the seasoned party-going guests saying that they 'had the best time !'.