"More compelling than the luminaries is the calibre of the guests.....
with them in mind, the Salon was born"
    Renu Mehta on The Salon  

The Salon is our most intimate event. The Salon format is a roundtable discussion varying between 12 and 24 people. The giving calibre of our participants, whose average net worth is typically around half a billion dollars, are of people who have given over £1m per year to good causes or those who are looking to make a greater difference.

The participants shape the agenda by sharing their giving successes and wisdom or they benefit from hearing fresh approaches from others. This thought exchange helps to stimulate networking, collaboration and foster peer support.

The Salon is a confidential and trusted zone to enable free flowing discussions and open talks. This setting is so private that these events are neither photographed nor recorded. The Salon purpose is for participants to gain deep insights, connections, partnership opportunities and clarity to enrich and consolidate their giving.


The Salon event series are held biannually over dinner at
the Penthouse and Pavilion Suite, The Dorchester Hotel, London, W1.


Money does not necessarily make us smarter, more caring or happier! Our philosophy is to maintain our 'Club' atmosphere by restricting our network to the world's elite as defined by personal wealth. We do this because we are a small niche organisation with the intention of leveraging the impact of those who have the enormous capacity to give more and to give more strategically.

We believe that our network functions best when we convene our participants in a truly 'peer to peer' zone. We apologise for not having the capacity to include other important groups in this shared agenda.

  "If we work in silos our full impact could be inhibited…Incubating partnerships and seeing them flourish is the very rationale of the Rendezvous."  
    Renu Mehta on The Rendezvous  


Over the years at Fortune Forum, we have connected many of the world's wealthiest individuals to exemplary initiatives and, of probably more value to furthering their work, linked them to one another.

For those who may prefer to avoid large gatherings, Fortune Forum Rendezvous is our most private occasion; one-to-one discussions, over tea, with Fortune Forum founder Renu Mehta, focused on their giving and how the network can best assist their work.

Kindly note :–

All Fortune Forum events are by-invitation-only.

To respect the privacy of our participants, their details and meeting information are not published on the website.